THESSALONIKI – RETAIL STORE & STORAGE AREA available through e-auction process

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Listing ID: Danos_6205


The properties are located in the city center of Thessaloniki


The properties are located on the Ancient Roman Agora and in a distance of 100 meters from Agios Dimitrios church which is a popular destination in Thessaloniki for visitors. These are two separate horizontal properties, which at this stage constitute a single operational property. Ground floor retail store has an area of 79 sq.m. with 14% land joint ownership and the storage area of the basement covers an area of ​​140 sq.m., with a 1% land joint ownership.

Note: The property is available through e-auction process.

Auction’s (base) prices: €127,000 (Ground floor €110,000, store house of the basement €17,000).

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